Hard Drive Recovery

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hard Drive Recovery

What do you do when your hard drive fails? The answer depends upon the situation you are faced with. The first thing you have to do is figure out if it is a software or hardware problem.

If your drive is seen by the computer then data recovery software can be used to recover your data. We have a nice amount of freeware data recovery tools for you to use as well as quite a bit of powerful data recovery software.

If your hard drive is clicking, then you have need for hard drive recovery. Normally when a hard drive fails it will make some sort of noise and will no longer be reognized in your BIOS. To get your data back, the hard drive will need to be repaired, then recovered.

What Is Hard Drive Recovery

If your hard drive is making noises or isn't seen by your computer, chances are you will need hard drive recovery. When we get in a damaged hard drive, the first thing we try to do is perform a sector by sector clone of the hard drive. If we can clone the drive, then we can recover the data without opening the hard drive in our clean room. If it can't be cloned, then it needs hard drive repair.

When we repair a hard drive, we open in in a static and dust free area in our lab called a clean room. Then we will replace the heads or rewrite the service area depending upon the circumstances. To learn more about this process visit hard drive recovery. If you want to know more about software that can be used to recover non physically damaged drives, visit our freeware data recovery page.

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