Hard Drive Recovery

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hard Drive Recovery Software

DTI Data Recovery is happy to announce its new line of professional hard drive recovery software. When a hard drive fails with either a crash or a click you will need hard drive recovery. If the hard drive is being seen by the computers BIOS or even within Windows, then you will be able to use hard drive recovery software to prevent data loss and recover your data.

Since there are a lot of different types of hard drive recovery software it can be hard to pick which one is right for your situation. There is also the level of experience that you have as a user. We have 2 programs that do similar things, but one is easier to use.

Professional Hard Drive Recovery Software

If you are a computer tech or work for a large company and are part of their IT Department, you might want to consider getting the Power Pack. It has all the major hard drive recovery software that DTI Data offers.
For only $199 you can have all of the following hard drive recovery programs:
  • DART XP - fast and easy to use data recovery tool that can recover from any type of situation on Windows Vista and XP.
  • Recover It All - this powerful tool can repair partitions recover data from RAID hard drives and also deal with drives that need formatting.
  • DART Undelete - a fast undeleter that can restore files that have been deleted by users or viruses.
  • Digital Picture Recovery - program will restore all types of digital photographs from flash media and digital camera cards.
  • E Recovery for Outlook Express - if emails have been deleted than this is the tool to use to restore them.
  • Speed Clone - Tool that does sector copies of hard drives
  • Disk Wipe - this tool will completely clean a hard drive of all data with no chance of recovery.
If you are interested in these professional hard drive recovery tools, you can buy the Power Pack using the button below.

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If you would like more information visit hard drive recovery.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hard Drive Recovery Services

A lot of people get confused when it comes to hard drive recovery services. What is hard drive recovery and what makes it different from data recovery or hard drive repair? To fully grasp what makes hard drive recovery or repair not the same as data recovery is all about the failures or causes for your data loss.

If your hard drive has a physical problem, then it needs to be repaired so that the data can be moved from the damaged hard drive to a working hard drive. If you drive is making noises or not booting or mounting, then more than likely it will need to be repaired. The process of repairing a hard drive and moving the data to a new disk is called hard drive recovery.

The difference between hard drive recovery and data recovery.

Now that I have explained what hard drive recovery is, the next step is to outline what data recovery is. If your hard drive is physically damaged, that is hard drive recovery. On the other hand if your operating system is corrupt or you deleted files by accident or you got a virus, then the resolution to those problems with software is called data recovery. We offer software that will recover data from every type of failure within Windows. While we do also have some tools for Mac and Novel, our primary focus in data recovery is within Windows.

To recap, if you have a non physical problem with your hard drive, that is data recovery. If your drive is physically damaged and needs repair, then that is hard drive recovery.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hard Drive Recovery

What do you do when your hard drive fails? The answer depends upon the situation you are faced with. The first thing you have to do is figure out if it is a software or hardware problem.

If your drive is seen by the computer then data recovery software can be used to recover your data. We have a nice amount of freeware data recovery tools for you to use as well as quite a bit of powerful data recovery software.

If your hard drive is clicking, then you have need for hard drive recovery. Normally when a hard drive fails it will make some sort of noise and will no longer be reognized in your BIOS. To get your data back, the hard drive will need to be repaired, then recovered.

What Is Hard Drive Recovery

If your hard drive is making noises or isn't seen by your computer, chances are you will need hard drive recovery. When we get in a damaged hard drive, the first thing we try to do is perform a sector by sector clone of the hard drive. If we can clone the drive, then we can recover the data without opening the hard drive in our clean room. If it can't be cloned, then it needs hard drive repair.

When we repair a hard drive, we open in in a static and dust free area in our lab called a clean room. Then we will replace the heads or rewrite the service area depending upon the circumstances. To learn more about this process visit hard drive recovery. If you want to know more about software that can be used to recover non physically damaged drives, visit our freeware data recovery page.