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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Dave Keys Is a Scumbag

There is nothing worse than a pirate. The term "pirate" doesn't just relate to the high seas, it is also used for dirtbags that steal software or website content or ideas.

Dave Keys is a piece of crap pirate. He blatantly stole my company name, and the worst thing is Dave Keys is a photographer, he doesn't know crap about SEO, yet he is a minion of a total loser so-called blog coach. The blog coach who doesn't have a blog and doesn't know anything relative to how search engines work.

Stay away from posers such as Dave Keys, he is dangerous to people that want to succeed on the Internet. Nobody needs so called insight from a loser and a pirate that steals ideas from others. Hire this idiot to take pictures, but don't put your online presence with somebody who is coached to steal content and names. dave Keys is a total user scumbag.