Hard Drive Recovery

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hard Drive Recovery Services

A lot of people get confused when it comes to hard drive recovery services. What is hard drive recovery and what makes it different from data recovery or hard drive repair? To fully grasp what makes hard drive recovery or repair not the same as data recovery is all about the failures or causes for your data loss.

If your hard drive has a physical problem, then it needs to be repaired so that the data can be moved from the damaged hard drive to a working hard drive. If you drive is making noises or not booting or mounting, then more than likely it will need to be repaired. The process of repairing a hard drive and moving the data to a new disk is called hard drive recovery.

The difference between hard drive recovery and data recovery.

Now that I have explained what hard drive recovery is, the next step is to outline what data recovery is. If your hard drive is physically damaged, that is hard drive recovery. On the other hand if your operating system is corrupt or you deleted files by accident or you got a virus, then the resolution to those problems with software is called data recovery. We offer software that will recover data from every type of failure within Windows. While we do also have some tools for Mac and Novel, our primary focus in data recovery is within Windows.

To recap, if you have a non physical problem with your hard drive, that is data recovery. If your drive is physically damaged and needs repair, then that is hard drive recovery.

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